Plan for and Invest in Training Now – Help Your Organization in 2016

With one month left in 2015, most organizations are in an all-out sprint to reach quarterly and annual goals, wrap up end-of-year projects, and, of course, squeeze in a little vacation time. Further down the list on many companies’ priority list is planning for employee training. That can wait until 2016, right?

Well probably not.  Some of the actual training can wait until the calendar turns to 2016.  However, waiting to actually plan and invest in training until 2016 can prove costly.

Here are just a few reasons why:

  • Use it or lose it: If you have any remaining unused 2015 budgets earmarked for team training, system training or employee development, the likelihood is that you’ll not only lose this year’s money, you also won’t get it as part of your 2016 budget.
  • Inefficient deployment of resources: Imagine you have $7,500 left in training budget for 2015, but no immediate use for that money. In April 2016, however, your organization is planning to execute a major technology upgrade or migration that will require team training. Wouldn’t it make sense to invest existing budget from 2015 for that 2016 project?

The above led us to create a product — TLG Training Credits . This program allows you to lock-in guaranteed discounts on your next 12 months of training by pre-paying for next year’s training courses or projects now.  Here are some of the benefits:

  • Ultimate flexibility: You don’t need to know which training courses or programs you want to invest in detail now or which employees will be attending classes. You can have a general plan or budget and your TLG Training Credits can be used based on your 2016 needs.
  • Cost savings and budget protection: With Training Credits, the more you train each year, the greater your discount. Also, at year-end TLG Training Credits extend an even greater discount to help you with your budget and thank you for patronage. Also, by investing what’s left of your 2015 budget, you can extend the purchasing power of that money for an additional 12 months.
  • Administrative efficiency: Planning and getting approval for training classes can take time, paperwork, and energy. If you plan to spend $10,000 on training in 2016 and an average class cost is $250, that could mean going through the budget approval process about 40 different times. TLG Training Credits requires just one purchase confirmation to be signed. Once the order is placed, using individual credits requires minimal work (and no additional approval) on your part. Also, TLG Learning will help to coordinate the administration for you and send you regular updates and reports.

Keep in mind that TLG Training Credits can be used for any class we offer.  They can also be used for private classes, TLG Consulting services and custom curriculum or custom courses. If you have credits, they’re as good as cash.

Finally, if you’ve already spent your 2015 budget for training, but you know you’ll need to spend a certain number on employee training for 2016, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’ll gladly apply this same program (and its cost savings) to your 2016 budget. Just give our team a shout and we’ll find a way to work within your 2015 and 2016 plan.

To learn more about TLG Training Credits, click here or feel free to reach out to us directly.

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