2 Huge Takeaways of the F5 Big-IP v12 Upgrade

With significant enhancements, the latest version 12 release of F5 Big-IP is loaded with features to help you leverage the variety of cloud options to extend F5’s services platform. Released in September 2015, the innovations improve deployment agility, security, and performance of the software.

By staying current with major software releases like this one, you get the application intelligence you need to ensure your applications are fast, secure, and available. It’s now even simpler to unify your hardware, software and managed services to realize efficiency and cost savings.

Here are the top 2 takeaways to know about the F5 Big-IP v12 upgrade:

Expanded cloud capabilities

Version 12 of F5’s Big-IP includes expanded cloud capabilities that allow you to accelerate your business growth with more simplicity and ease, and stay on top of emerging IT trends.

F5 now supports public, private, and hybrid cloud architectures on multiple F5 Ready cloud environments and has increased their availability in the Azure Marketplace. These improved cloud capabilities with Azure allow you to optimize your application delivery and cloud technologies, including traffic management and security, and streamline application deployment and functionality. Additionally, with F5v12, you’re now able to maintain the same visibility, security and control of traditional infrastructures through accelerated cloud migrations.

Dynamic security enhancements

Security is a hot topic for any company these days. You have to be able to ensure security for all of your clients, especially in today’s mobile-centric world. With the latest release of F5, you – and your clients – are protected against high-volume threats; whether on-premise, in the cloud or hybrid.

Some of the application security enhancements include:

  • SSO for reliable access in all types of environments
  • Superior protection with the largest DDoS vector spectrum and increased attack visibility
  • Improved SSL capabilities for comprehensive security

Free Webinar and Training series for v12

To plan for and take full advantage of your F5 Big-IP v12 upgrade, join us for a free webinar.

TLG Learning offers a full complement of F5 v11 and the new v12 classes available open enrollment  and on a private/custom basis either LIVE Online Training or in person. Information on training courses can be found here.

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