Put Me In, Coach – I’m Ready to Play!

The good news is that your favorite employee has been promoted to a new and exciting position and will be moving into leadership.  Which she richly deserves.  In your Chicago office.

The bad news is, she built your team’s mission-critical application and no one else knows how to trouble shoot it.  And if it goes down, your work comes to a screeching halt.

Cue the “Wah, wah.”

How do you fill your bench with the kinds of skills you need to keep your business running and thriving? How do you take advantage of new opportunities for your organization and staff while staying full speed ahead?

TLG Learning can help fill some of the gaps you may experience when you have changes in staff/job roles, business processes and/or software. Check out three scenarios where TLG Learning’s Private Coaching helped companies bridge these gaps while building their in-house staff skills and creating sustainable solutions to their immediate business needs.

The New Promotion

A Business Analyst who frequently worked with her company’s Access database, was promoted to managing the database when her IT counterpart moved on to a new role. While she was skilled as a business analyst, managing the database was new to her. Private coaching quickly taught her how to fix custom queries and handle other database management activities for the company’s customized Access environment. She was able to jump into the new role with minimal time lost and handle users’ needs without missing a beat in serving her customers.

Mission Critical Business Processes

A manufacturing company used SharePoint to manage many of their key business processes.  When the person who managed the workflows left the company, no one in-house knew how to build new workflows and fix the ones that had broken.  TLG Learning’s Private Coaching worked with in-house staff to understand how their current system was built and then helped them to troubleshoot and fix the areas that weren’t working.  Now several employees know how to best support their key business processes that make the company hum and deliver timely information to internal staff and customers.

The New Systems Project

A large governmental agency was looking to implement software to replace their paper-based record-keeping system. The IT Director of this organization needed to make sure that the software implementation went smoothly, and that users were able to adopt the new software and systems easily. TLG Learning’s Private Coaching helped the IT Director to reverse engineer the process to be sure that all steps of planning, creation, implementation, and training happened smoothly and successfully. Result? System implemented, users adopted, and, customers satisfied.

At TLG Learning, our mission is to help clients achieve success — both in their organizations and in their careers. TLG Learning’s Private Coaching gives your staff the skills they need and the ability to change and enhance business processes and systems when new opportunities come knocking.

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