Go from Zero to Sixty with Your Power BI Solution — A Story of One Company’s Launch to Immediate Results

A group of issue analysts at a global software company needed to be able to respond to report requests quickly and with updated, accurate information. They knew that they wanted to use Power BI for the Cloud, a product new to their team, but weren’t sure how to start.  Here were their concerns:

  • The team decision makers quickly identified that based on their short timeframe standard training would not meet their immediate needs
  • They needed to know how to model their existing data so that it could be distributed to the team in a consistent and updateable way
  • Securing the data access was of upmost concern. They needed to ensure that they could place limits on who had access to the datasets, reports, and dashboards that would be created

TLG worked to customize training using their data and data scenarios. The focused, customized nature of the class meant that there was no loss of productivity while students figured out how to use their own data with the product, and that the questions they asked were not theoretical, but directly relevant to how they would be using the product and data in their job roles. Immediately post class, students had the ability to:

  • Do their own reporting as soon as it was needed
  • Get instant insight into their data
  • Create and easily share their findings
  • Have individuals or groups create controlled packages of information that everyone can access and borrow from

TLG Learning provides Power BI planning for your team, custom training with your data and deskside coaching. For more information on customized training solutions, contact your account executive or call us at 425.460.2200.


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